A unique and inspiring twenty-four hour event, made up of music and poetry, art installations and reflection, solitude and silence, coffee, kai and laughter.

20 -21 February 2021

The invitation

CHAPTER TWO is an invitation to draw aside from the noise, to take time to pause, listen, consider, and contemplate, to draw near to our Maker. We’re seeking to create a sacred moment; a space for deep reflection, prayer, worship, and communion with the triune God. It will be a place for eating and laughing and crying and telling stories, a context in and through which the Living God might encounter us in radical and life-giving ways.

Like the psalmist of old, we live amidst competing narratives, with truth-claims that vie for our attention, assailing us from all angles. The cultural fog is thick, and it is hard to find firm footing on the narrow path, a constant challenge to gain an accurate perspective on reality. Though summonsed to live faithful lives, our surroundings cause us to question the with-God life. We know the agony of the psalmist as he tries to make sense of a world full of injustice and greed (Ps.73:16). CHAPTER TWO is a response to these confusing, wearying times, one that will see a bunch of us gathering in a seriously beautiful piece of Aotearoa, to come before the Lord and see what will happen as we turn our eyes to him and lift up his name.

We’re working hard to curate a unique and inspiring twenty-four hour event that will involve installation artists and poets, bakers and baristas, singer-songwriters, musicians and worshippers, silence, solitude, and beauty. All of this, to create a context where you can engage with Jesus in a self-directed way. Don’t think of it as a highly programmed event. Think of it more as a journey on which you are invited to embark. Our hope and prayer are that as you ‘enter in’ you will begin to see clearly.

Come, turn the page and see what might happen next.

The details


20 - 21 February 2021


Mahoenui (just under two hours from Hamilton. South down SH3)


$65 per person. Tickets available here >


This is an under canvas event, as in we’re tenting it overnight in a remote, but beautiful spot. Yip, this means portaloos and no showers, but there is a cool, crisp, clean river. There will be fresh water on tap. BYO tent and camping gear.

More important stuff

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you an email with the exact address (and some instructions so you don’t get lost).

There is NO phone coverage at the site.

A pop-up café will be serving up the coffees, tasty treats, and fresh baked goods. This will be cash only. We’ll get a menu out for you to peruse and plan your eating.

BBQs will be available for you to use.

– here’s hoping (and praying) for fine weather. We’d rather not have to deal with rain, but this is Aotearoa after all. If the weather bombs out, we’ll have to cancel. We will endeavour to make this work, however, bring appropriate attire and a sunny disposition.

This remote location is situated right next to the Awakino River. Given the health and safety challenges, Chapter Two is for people 16 years and older.

The story

In March 2010 we gathered artists, musicians, and thirsty travellers, in the hope that as we drew aside and came together to seek God, offer our lives in worship, and rest in his presence, our Creator would meet with us. It was called Hydrate, and the stories that arose from the twenty-four hours we shared amongst the beauty of creation are still told; God filled the hungry. Our prayer was that by drawing aside for worship and prayer, people would connect with the person of Jesus, and leave inspired and encouraged. It was an amazing time. Each of the three events was a beautiful, life-giving time in which people encountered Jesus.

The timing for Hydrate was just right. It clicked with what was happening in and amongst a bunch of creative/artist friends who were contributing to the worship life of the Church in Aotearoa. The seeds sown over those beautiful events continued to have fruitful effect for many years.

CHAPTER TWO is a new event that has been birthed out of the soil of Hydrate (2010-2012). It comes about in response to a growing sense that there is need again to gather people before the Lord in humility, openness, worship, and prayer, and to explore God’s goodness through sound and song, poetry and praise, the beauty of art and the heartbeat of the whenua.

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